Post 311: A Toast to Another Year

Over the next few days, there will be so many parties going on that you have to be a hermit not to get invited to one. Or worse, to be actually throwing one. Because then you need to find the plates and glasses and napkins and so on. Continue reading


Post 310: Dapper for New Year’s Eve

That adorable Baby New Year 2017 is getting ready for his big debut. Sure, he will no doubt end up in the usual tighty whitey diaper with sash and top hat. But just for a moment, he might want to feel like he has a choice.


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Post 307: More Holiday Cheer

For Lo! It came to pass that while Sparketta was with child, father unknown, all the inhabitants of Sparkyville were required to go to the place of their birth to register their guns and religion, their political theories, and their national origins. So JoSparky loaded up his wife and the necessary supplies for a trip to Vancouver. Continue reading