Post 299: Tom Sawyer Grows Up and Moves to Canada

In the classic story about growing up in rural Missouri, Samuel Clemens, writing as Mark Twain, included a parable where Tom Sawyer made painting his aunt’s fence seem like so much fun that his buds lined up to take a turn at it.

This Sparky seems to think that giving you the trailer for free makes taking all the crap loaded on it a deal.

FREE flat bed trailer


Free Flat bed trailer….

Everything on it must go as well!

NinjaChow, maybe Tom Sawyer was banned in Canada? And how can we be sure there IS a trailer under there?

Hmm, maybe I should move to Canada after all. I have some nice beach front property in Florida for sale. Free alligators with every purchase.


4 thoughts on “Post 299: Tom Sawyer Grows Up and Moves to Canada

  1. Hey Sparky: I might know someone interested in your junk trailer and “everything on it” including 10,000 km of earth’s atmosphere if you can properly package it. Please let us know.

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