Post 300: Sparta!

No one likes to be alone for the holidays, not really. Okay, maybe Uncle Wilber likes to get drunk and sit in the garage pretending to be a sports announcer, but mostly people want to be with family and loved ones. So now is the time when Missed Connections start to heat up.

Cutie Fish District – m4w

I noticed you when you came and you were smoking hot! I wish I had some time to talk to you, I enjoyed our eye connection and hope our paths cross again and you thought something got missed also Jason

I think that’s code. Eye Connection means I can’t stop drooling. Something Got Missed means I did repeat 4th Grade a few times.

You wanted a pic with me at pier – m4w

Thanksgiving on the beach near the pier. You were with a man, I assume he was your brother. We made eye contact and smiled when I got out of the ocean. I later saw you again and you waved me down for a picture. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. Where were you a tourist from? Hope this makes it to you.

There’s that code again, Eye Contact. Good thing he was already wet when he got out of the water. She might not have noticed the drool.

Bank of America parking lot – m4w

Looking for the girl in the green skirt shitting in the dark truck in the bank of America parking lot as your female drive put on her make up we kept catch each other’s eye so tell me what color was my car I was in

Whoa, whoa! Dude! That is disgusting. You gotta know when to look away. Or hand her the paper.

That’s enough for today. My local Craigslist: Jarheads and Junkies and Whores, Oh My!


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