Post 301: What a Downer

Mental illness is nothing to joke about. Depression makes people desperate in a country where there is little help available and few places to turn. Be sure to listen to those you know and be ready to call for help on their behalf if needed.

Sparky, however, seems to think his fence is ill and wants someone to come and take it away. Cause it’s down. And loud.

Free Fence 

Free white fence. Rotten in some places. Good for project or something..All Fence sides exept one side is down and ready for pick up. Help with louding..

At least the fence is only down on one side. And is open to being cheered up. Sparky has earplugs to help with the louding. NinjaChow, can you hear it from your place? Thanks for the ad submission!

If you or anyone you know needs help or is depressed, please go to this site and find the folks who can help.


4 thoughts on “Post 301: What a Downer

  1. “Good fences make good neighbors.” Bad fences make lead-painted demolition debris.
    Sparky thinks someone will shout loudly and carry his big sticks? Even Tom Sawyer wouldn’t be able to con someone into hauling off these boards of expiration for free.

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