Post 302: May Bees Forgive You

Nice colony of bees you got here. Shame if anything should happen to it. This is a real honey of a deal. You pay us the amount we tell you to pay and the hive is safe.

Now step away real slow-like and nobody gets hurt. Except maybe a few bees. Hey, don’t call the professionals. There’s no need for that.


BEES that are easy to remove

I have a three foot cube (3x3x3) made of concrete block that bees have made a hive inside of. The hive would be made totally open and available in less than two minutes. I don’t want to destroy them, but if no one wants them I have no choice thank you

Sparky has no choice. Submitter Ralph says, “This is in Tucson. All wild bees are assumed to be Africanized ‘Killer Bees’, and exterminators charge several hundred dollars per hive.” Obviously you should just call in an amateur. Thanks for the ad, Ralph, even though it stings.


7 thoughts on “Post 302: May Bees Forgive You

  1. Ok, standard concrete block are (nominally) 8 x 16 x 8. To be three by three by three, spark had to line up 2.25 block by 2.5 nlock, and course them 4.5 blocks tall.

    Concrete block are many things. Easily divisible into fractional pieces is not one of those.

    And, if spark is trying to assert that 32″ = 3′, well, ok, that’s par for the course.

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  2. Even sadder is that it’s even odds that these are carpenter or terrestrial bees, and not honey bees at all. Now, both carpenter and terrestrial bees are ornery enough to rival africanized honey bees, but they are also very much live & let live if not bothered or annoyed.

    Those bees are probably fully native to AZ, too ( honey bees are all imports from Europe).

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    • Carpenter Bees nest in wood. There are some types of “terrestrial” bees in Arizona that use communal nests in soil including Mining Bees, Sweat Bees, and Long-horned Bees, but they are unlikely to use concrete blocks. Africanized honey bees love them, however. I found this listing while visiting my mother just north of Tucson. She has a stuccoed concrete block garden wall that came with the house built in 1974; unsurprisingly it has some cracks by now. Filling them with canned foam does not work; the bees dig it out and are aggressive enough to sting someone 50 yards away. As Groucho said….

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      • I was being generic, as there are 4 or 5 north American species of bees called “carpenter” some of which are quite content to nest in masonry. Just as some of the “stump” bees get calked “terrestrial” even though they ought be called carpenter. Such is life w/o Latin.

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