Post 305: That Sinking Feeling

Here’s your Rose-tinted glasses. You are going to need them to look at today’s offering. Remember, things in Sparkyville don’t get fixed up all that often, so an item we would classify as trash is an antique to Sparky. And worth oodles of money.

Are your glasses firmly and securely in place? Okay, then. Do not remove them for the rest of this post.

Antique sink – $100


Antique sink in good condition
Removal available

Not sure I get this. If I pay Sparky 100 Zimbabwean dollars, I can have the sink. But if I want to later get rid of it, I have to invest more money for removal?

NinjaChow finds the most “interesting” stuff! “Antique? Good condition? Sparky needs help.” Thanks for the submission.


6 thoughts on “Post 305: That Sinking Feeling

  1. Without the original drain plug on a chain, then no deal. Sparky should know antique values decline severely with missing parts. And those mismatched faucets are an abomination! I’d never put that in my collection of plumbing junk.

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  2. About US $5 at the salvage yard, Spark.

    Along with all the other china two-hole lavatories needing refinishing.

    A couple rows over from all the good, $20, do not need refinishing lavs.

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  3. Cool (sorta) trivia.
    Zimbabwe dollar has been suspended indefinitely. At last valuation ZA $10 was 0.00217 US cents (1 US cent = 460 ZAD)

    The Zimbabwe dollar has been replaced by the Central African Franc. 10 CAF is about 2 cents US.

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