Post 306: HUGE Decorations

I have a great idea! Let’s all find the silliest holiday item on Craigslist and post it here! I’ll bake cookies and someone can make hot chocolate. We’ll email the treats to each other and sit around the fire. We might even sing a carol or two.

And here’s both my contribution and the fuel for the fire.

Sexy Holiday Sweater – $50

Hot pink sexy sweater with HUGE decorations worn once. You MUST have it for this year’s holiday festivities and be guaranteed to be the life of the party. Paid $150 in 2015 and bought from original seamstress so willing to sell for $50obo. Size small to medium.

Well, if you take that silly brassier thing off of it, that would be a very nice sweater worth $50. Sorry you got suckered for three times that last year, Sparky.

Happy Holidays, folks!

9 thoughts on “Post 306: HUGE Decorations

  1. Ah, the dear tradition of tbe mummerers.

    Sadly, Spark’ that tradition also requires use of salvage, hand-me-down, or similar togs. So, the best obo I can offer is made from toilet paper tubes and might be reedless.

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