Post 309: New Year, New Dirt

The last week of 2016 is upon us and we still don’t know who is going to be president. Trump or Putin? Putting that aside, be sure to stock up on all the things you will need in this new year. Get the latest model, the best of everything, at the best price.

FREE Clean Brown Sandy Coastal Fill Dirt Delivered-E[ticket] Area


FREE – Clean, brown, sandy, coastal fill dirt delivered to closest site near E[ticket] area. 5 yard minimum. Call K[ay].

None of that inland clay dirt for the new year! Nothing the dog will roll in. Nice, clean dirt!

My local CL.

2 thoughts on “Post 309: New Year, New Dirt

  1. [corey: “Clean dirt” may sound like an oxymoron, but “clean fill” means it contains no stumps, hazwaste, demolition debris, old appliances, dead bodies, etc. (in theory). Engineers and contractors can be picky about the material they use, so someone may need to get rid of this for reasons besides excavation. My house is built on glacial sand, but I had to have a different sand trucked in for my foundation work to meet specs. This is a good deal for someone who needs good drainage without that nasty clay, provided it is used for landscaping. Or burying the bodies. /corey]

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  2. Ralph speaks truth. A soil of a known type has known engineering properties, which allows us (or the foundation engineer (who are not train drivers) to design buildings that efficiently use building structures. Which saves on pilings, drilled piers and the like.

    The “yards” referred to are cubic yards, a volume of 27 cubic feet (from a volume of a cube 3′ along each side). This is a common annotation in the industry, as it’s a sensibly large unit for large volume loads.

    Spark’ still manages to throw us a loop, though, by specifying that only 5 yards at a time can be delivered (and only over a vaguely short distance).

    If we apply our calculators, as we are wont, 5 x 27 is 135 cubic feet; fill runs about 40-50#/cf, so, that’s right at 5000# or 2.5 short tons (about 2.4 metric tonnes).

    Now, a short-bed dump truck–being the traditional sort of delivery vehicle–holds around 10 short tons of material. In fact, it’s a bit of an industry rule of thumb that the short trucks are 10 tons or 15 yards.

    Which rather poses a question of just how Spark is delivering 5 yards. A full-size pickup truck will hold, sort of, about 2 yards of material, with the larger problem being that is about a ton, and thus, not well suited a load for 1/2 or 3/4 ton trucks to tote about.

    And, for those with terminal curiosity keen to know how fast Daryl, Derrel, and Deryl can unload that truck with shovels, it’s about 0.25cf per shovel to shift the 2.5 cy/truck load.

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