Post 311: A Toast to Another Year

Over the next few days, there will be so many parties going on that you have to be a hermit not to get invited to one. Or worse, to be actually throwing one. Because then you need to find the plates and glasses and napkins and so on.

If only there were a way to find local deals on just what I need. A list, maybe, of people selling things that other people need.

Large quantity of glassware for garden totems

Garden totem supplies….last pictures shows a garden totem in case you are not familiar with them. Large quantity of colorful plates, bowls, odd shapes and sizes of bottles and glass lids. Call when you know you will becoming for it the same day as I cannot hold it. Although some are wrapped and in boxes, the plates are stacked separately so plan on bringing a couple boxes or bins to protect them. Call Sandi or Dave

Ralph adds: “I’m too old to look becoming these days, even in glass slippers. And if you cannot hold it I don’t want to wear them.

Target practice?”

Excellent idea! You’ll be the hit of the party. Unless you get too wasted to hit anything. Happy New Year, folks! See you in 2017.

3 thoughts on “Post 311: A Toast to Another Year

  1. The whole idea looks like one of those “things” somebody came up with for one of those 30 minute make-over shows.
    I mean, really, use all that glass and not one bit of lighting?
    So much for finding art glass in junk stores now . . .

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