Post 324: Deposits or Withdrawals

Here in Sparkyville, we love to multi-task. We use headphones as ear muffs in cold weather. Those Pringles cans can store important documents. We knit blankets for the homeless out of old plastic bags. And we reuse our old CDs and DVDs as driveway and bike reflectors. Continue reading


Post 322: The Future Four Years

Pollution. People losing houses. Jobs going to China. Education, which is already below European standards, will slip even more. Health care only for the rich. Beloved celebrities dismissed as jokes. Another recession.

Luckily, we still have Craigslist.

 Free beer fridge (Area)


Free fridge, no shelves, had to make some. Kind of getto but keeps things cold.

Thanks, NinjaChow, for restoring my faith in Sparkies. Plus I always thought things stayed cold in the ghetto in the winter without help. The More You Know. . .