Post 312: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Often on Craigslist, you get the whole story in the ad. Like – Engagement ring for sale, found out she’s a slut, ring cost $2000 will sell for whatever I can get for it. Or – 2017 sport car for sale, wife disagreed with my purchase. Was fun while it lasted.

And then there are the ads where you have to work out the story yourself. Like – Pogo Stick and part of a green house. Free. Or –

FREE Assorted items – Ski Gear/Wheel-Exercise Chair/Air Tank/Cleaning

A bundle of mixed items for free. As the title says, and as shown in the pictures, they are: Ski Gear/Wheel Chair/Exercise Chair/Air Tank/Brewing Pressurized tank/Cleaning Stuff (carpet order remover)/ car stuff. You may pick and choose what you want because of the diverse mix of items, but feel free to pick it all up if you want.

Apparently this guy got the exercise chair and built up his arms. Then he went skiing. He broke his leg and had to be in a wheelchair, which was okay because his arms were up to it. Still, he had to give up his carpet order business. He tried brewing, but no one bought his brand, Brew-Ski.

This is from someone else’s local CL. I actually have relatives around this area.

4 thoughts on “Post 312: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

  1. That’s one sad clean-out of some decedent’s “estate” sale.
    Pool supplies; cat litter, other things which only the terminally stingy would not ordinarily bin.
    The drink syrup container is almost apt. It’s of a style that is no longer used, so it’s not even swapable down at the local beverage joint. The O2 tank has no real use beyond aiding some one in respiratory distress. Such patients are served by medical insurance, which never buys used product (to keep barratry-inclined legal types away).

    The juxtaposition of sport water skis and snowboards with a wheelchair is wavers between droll and tawdry. As does putting those next to the clothing rack, er, discount exercise device.

    Now, since I cannot roll in a basket of kittens, I will have to find some substitute to make the ickiness go away.

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    • I love how they list the coca-cola bottling company pressurized container as “Brewing” pressurized tank. Makes it sound hipster cool.

      “I was brewing from coca cola tanks before brewing was cool”…

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