Post 313: Well, That Escalated Quickly

The season of Peace and Love and Light is behind us now. Our family and friends are returning to the places from whence they came. The fruit cake is stealthily being sent to food drives in Namibia. And Grandma had picked out the dress she wants to wear to her oldest granddaughter’s wedding in June.

Then this happens.

Pink Sapphire, sterling silver pedant – $200 (G[whiz]y)


make / manufacturer: Shane Co.
size / dimensions: 18inch chain

Got for Christmas, no longer on speaking terms with person who gave it to me. 225$ originally with lifetime warranty. $200 cash.

I am sorry that the pictures didn’t hang around long enough to be posted with this ad. But it looked like the one above. The pendant, as you can see, was absolutely pink. Exactly like sapphires usually aren’t. No wonder she told the creep to go away. But really, the necklace is used now. She should offer more than a $25 discount.

Thanks for the ad, Ralph. Sterling example, as always.


4 thoughts on “Post 313: Well, That Escalated Quickly

  1. Ok, had to look it up. Sapphires, and rubies–both carboruns–are only a rung down the Mohs scale from diamond. More chromium will make them pink. But, they are less valuable than either rubies ir sapphires. Most are sourced out of south Asia, where questions of quality and/or worker safety confound the issue.

    So the suitor, or suitrix, has found a discount gemstone, at least a tiny bit less tawdry than a cubic zirconium, set on a potentially tarnishing chain and setting. Hmm, “My affection is only as great as this tasteless thing I got for cheap at a mall kiosk” does not bode well.

    Sparkii pricing is in effect, though; this item probably would not get $25 in a pawn shop. Ergo, some gnarf on cl will pay eight times that. Yeah, right.

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  2. Warranties for pedants are a gimmick – pedants rarely change their annoying nitpicking. Like questioning why Sparky/Sparkette can’t decide whether the dollar sign goes before or after the amount (after is typical of French Canadian). And which currency is being used: US, Canadian, Austrailian, New Zealand, or Hong Kong dollars; Nicaraguan Córdobas, Samoan Tālās, Tongan Paʻangas, or Argentine and sometimes Mexican Pesos. Or if the sign is written with two strokes instead of one (the cifrão), Brazilian Reals or Cape Verde Escudos. Or why correct grammar and complete sentences are not used in craigslist ads, which don’t charge by the word. Harumph.

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