Post 315: California Jones and the Craigslist of Doom

I enjoy the strange and varied superstitions that one finds is strange and varied countries. For instance, in Russia, giving your sweetheart yellow roses is bad luck and will lead to a break-up. In Transylvania, people give each other tokens every spring.

And many countries celebrate Carnival before the strict rules of Lent begin. But these superstitions are mild. In Laos, you should not sleep with extra pillows, because spirits will come and use them, and try to push you out of your bed. In Tibet, never leave a house without drinking at least two cups of tea.

While these items for sale are lovely, how do we know they aren’t unlucky and cursed? Where’s the guarantee that the buyer will not die alone and unloved?

Handcrafted Tibetan Pendants – $1

Large Buddha – Turquoise, Emeralds, Ruby, Coral, Pearl, Lapiz — $800

Medium Buddha – Turquoise, Emeralds, Ruby, Lapiz — $700

Small square pendant – Turquoise, Coral — $70

Small five sided pendant – Turquoise, Coral — $70

Avalogeshni, Dorjee symbol – Turquoise, Coral, Garnet, — $120

very nice detailed work. one of a kind, I believe it is gold plated .925 silver

How do we know what the five-sided pendant says? Can we be sure that really is a Avalogeshni Dorjee symbol? What if Buddha is blue because a spirit smothered him with an extra pillow?

Why do I even look at My Local Craigslist ads, anyway?


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