Post 317: Pack Your Trunk and Go

Psst. Don’t turn around. Just listen. I have the goods. But I don’t know if you want the goods. Do you want it?

Call this number. It’s the wrong number. You have to call it just the same. Then place an ad telling me you want it. Code word Elephant. Got it?

Elephant wrong number please call me I want it

That’s it. You’ll get what’s coming to you. Thanks, Ralph, another stunning post.


4 thoughts on “Post 317: Pack Your Trunk and Go

  1. Here we see the ultimate expression of post post modernism deconstructed. Without so much as a mention of a Webb’s wonder, or imagery of a modern mudden, tge whole exitentialusm of cabbage is laid bare. It screams to get up, to leave your seats, to demand your money back from the manager. It flies in the face of running & jumping and pressing wild flowers; it screams scones with no jam–why, it flatly avers “Ni!” and dares any say “it.”
    Not recommended for swallows under 1 kilo.

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