Post 319: Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sparky

Florida, America’s dangly bit, attracts lots of Sparky-types. If you are a fan of Fark news, you know that Florida has its own tag.

Apparently, when a Sparky family leaves Florida, they can’t wait to move back. Because snow. And they start to forget how to spell. And punctuate or capitalize. Oh, wait, they didn’t know how to do that while in Florida.

Moving to flordia hole appartment most go

Moving back to Florida we have couches tables kitchen appliances kids toys lil kitchen set with food nurf guns electric scooter kings down king size bed, bureau cedar chest, armoire,clothes snow pants adult size for men kamike snow boots ect.. Anything that would be in apt is here.. Best offers everything has to go.. Come Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 6pm.. Or call anytime during the week for info on items or to come by and look and will let you know if we have it for sale

Point 1: They are selling the kids.

Point B: I want the food nurf guns.

Point III: He or she spelled armoire correctly!

And Point ©: Electric Scooter Kings would be a great Elvis impersonators biker group name.

Thanks, Ralph!


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