Post 321: Haul Away, Joe!

Concert season is upon us*. Musicians everywhere will be cadging rides from friends who have big cars so they can get the drum set and string bass to the venue in time. Some day they will make it big and be able to buy this:

5×7 trailer OBO – $750

5 X 7 hauling trailer. 750.00 O.B.O. text or call
yo hablo Español y English

Five inches by seven inches doesn’t seem big enough for even one obo, and that’s a bit pricey, too. Five feet by seven feet seems too big for an obo unless there is lots of padding in the trailer.

Maybe this would make more sense if I spoke Español.

From My local Craigslist, which I wouldn’t have to look through if more of you lurkers out there would send ads you find in for my consideration.

*This may be totally bogus information. Do concerts have seasons? What does it cost to get tags to hunt them? What sorts of weapons are allowed? Too many questions for a Monday.

4 thoughts on “Post 321: Haul Away, Joe!

  1. Following orders and scouring my local Craigslist, it may be slim pickings – it’s mostly drugs, porn, used underwear and fake banknotes, which make me wonder how many of these people get arrested on a regular basis.

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