Post 324: Deposits or Withdrawals

Here in Sparkyville, we love to multi-task. We use headphones as ear muffs in cold weather. Those Pringles cans can store important documents. We knit blankets for the homeless out of old plastic bags. And we reuse our old CDs and DVDs as driveway and bike reflectors.

But the most amazing thing is what this Sparky has done.

Two banking pans. ([Location] nh)

Around pan and long pan.

condition: fair

Wonder why the condition is only fair? Maybe some of the deposits get lost or the pan tellers just aren’t polite. Thanks, Ralph, for sharing the joy of banking.


6 thoughts on “Post 324: Deposits or Withdrawals

  1. “Around pan”

    Clank clank! Damn! I know that darn pan is around here somewhere. I just saw it yesterday.

    “long pan”

    How long is it?
    That’s a rather personal question sir.

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  2. I think it might be fair to ask if these pans bank to the left or to the right.
    I might also like to know if the banks involved pan to the left or to the right.

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  3. Ugh, that was as awful as rat tart–but Spark’ started it, what with espousing currency as sponge both proximally and at length.


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