Post 326: Lassie Slept Here

Classics never go out of style. Sparky at least understands that idea. Take something really nice and well-made and chop it up. Re-purpose it. Spell it wrong. Sell it for big bucks. Profit!

Hope this is for Christmas 2017, otherwise some little Sparkies went without presents and candy. And had to sleep in this.

Armorie dog bed – $150


Just in time for Christmas One of a kind
Armorie dog bed.$175. Looking for perfect gift for your furry family member ,look no more.
Your dog is going to love sleeping in this vintage style dog bed.This pet bed will look good in any room in any home.O.B.O. realy need money for Chrismas willing to sell for $150 if purchased by Thursday 5 pm

Time’s running out. I will look no further because I may have to poke my eyes out now. Anyone seen the brain bleach lately?

Thanks, OMV, so good to have you back on the active list!


6 thoughts on “Post 326: Lassie Slept Here

  1. Armory, huh?
    Mwt a few dogs in my day, none were much armed. Well pawed, true enough, but not so much armed. So a stockpile of arms is going to be a bit futile.
    Dogs, in my experience, don’t drive so very well, so armory as Motor Pool is equally unlikely.
    The last classic use of an Armory would ve for dances–which tends to not be a canine amusement.

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  2. Well, Lassie left home when I was three. (true)
    She didn’t leave much to Ma and me. (also true)
    Just a litter of pups and a re-purposed armorie bed. (somewhat, but not entirely, untrue)

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