Post 328: Miss Take

A handyman is handy to have at hand. A mechanic in need is a mechanic indeed. And just what are we going to do with all that foam in the box?

Keep in mind that if you fix Miss Fire, she might not be as hot any longer.

Ford 2004 to 2008 4.6L / 5.4L 3v COP or coils – $10


Had one coil go bad, so I replaced all of them, threw the bad one away, so I have 7 good ones. If you have a Miss fire this can fix that cheep. Asking $10 each or $50 for all. Willing to help install if needed. Very easy to change out.
Don’t spend hundreds at the dealership or Autozone. These are factory motocraft cops/ coils

So many questions. Are you sure one bad coil won’t spoil the whole bunch? OMV, thanks for the post but where are you that engines go cheep until you change out the coil?

Keep the cards and letters coming in!


4 thoughts on “Post 328: Miss Take

  1. For the curious “COP” refers to Coil On Plug, where each spark plug has its own coil.
    Which means the voltage from tw ignition computer can go straight to the plug before being amplified. This alliws for smaller wires with fewer issues for being run together.
    (Electrical current creates a magnetic field at right angles ti the conductor, magnetic fields can then induce current in adjacent conductors.)
    The problem of missfires with COP are usualky computer related. So, you /may/ only need one, but you are well advused to buy the whole set anyway.

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