Post 329: Classic Colonial

The roots of YouSuckatCraigslist go back to the furniture section, when the vivacious and talented Llama-nun needed a new sofa, cheap, for their student-on-a-budget apartment. Lately in Sparkyville, the same couch, or living room suite, or at least the same upholstery fabric, surfaces like fish in a lake where dynamite has been set off.

For some obscure reason, Sparky needs to unload the whole set, for free, and no questions asked. If you are homeless and blind and need something to spruce up your abandoned storage container, this could be your lucky day.

Vintage Furniture FREE

1980’s Couch and loveseat in good condition with solid maple coffee table and 3 end tables, two lamps and hanging lamp. 1980’s China cabinet and hutch.

The liable lawyer for 1980s is on line one, Sparky. I might know someone who would like those candles, too.

NinjaChow, you always find the ads with enough pictures to choke a server. Love it! Thanks for the steady submissions.


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