Post 330: Congratulations!

Happy Monday! What did you spend your weekend enjoying? I’d bet at least 4 of you did something that involved water, like panning for gold or swimming or diving in the ocean. Well, here’s your chance to get a step up!

This is almost as good as winning a cruise.

free sail boat


condition: fair

free sail boat. Call for details

Fair condition? Where are the sails? For that matter, where is the lake? Fair condition does not apply to the weather, apparently. Thanks, Ralph, looks like we can finally replace that rusted sandbox in the lounge.Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too.


4 thoughts on “Post 330: Congratulations!

  1. Being nautical, this missive poses far more questions than answers.
    Like, where is tge rudder?
    Does this, er, “craft” use a centerboard or dagger board? If do, where are they.
    Is this a pond or a frozen over asphalt parking lot?
    Where is tge rigging?
    Where are the sails?
    Is there a trailer? Is there a current title on the trailer.
    Is there a title in the boat?
    What is tge probability Spark has hydrophobia and/or tetanus?
    Why have I bothered even expending this much mental activity?
    What is tge airborn velocity of an unburdened African Swallow?

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