Post 331: Owl You’ll Ever Need

You young whipper-snappers have it so easy today! You have an android in your pocket, I’m still waiting for my flying car. You can build a base on the moon, I can’t get my phone camera to work. And you have music playing everywhere you go, I have yet to find that amulet of orchestration.

But there’s one thing I had better than you. I had the ability to take string and branches and make beautiful works of art. Like this.

Owl wall ornament(Ok[now])


Owl shaped fabric and wood wall ornament. About 18″ tall.
Must pick up. Let me know when you can swing by in So[me part of] Vancouver.

How did they get an owl to do that? Must be a Great Horned Owl to be that tall. Or some Canadian type we don’t have down here in the Delusional Lands. Thanks, NinjaChow!


6 thoughts on “Post 331: Owl You’ll Ever Need

  1. So, Darryl, wassat?
    Darrel, owl, heh.
    Darryl, dude, First Nations, eh!
    Betta sale dat on craigslist inna States!
    Yuh, dey’ll buy anyt’ing.
    Oh, money fah beehrs, hey.

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