Post 332: Cinematic Reruns

Currently, the brains involved in deciding what sort of movie to make are all from committees of janitors and mail room clerks. They sit around a big board room table and throw darts at the posters from the best selling movies of the past century. Whichever poster gets the most darts, that’s the one they remake.

Ghostbusters, Ocean’s 11, The Crow, The Fugitive, Highlander – Wait, what? Next you’ll be telling me that ET The Extra Terrestrial will be up for a new version.

ET center (solid wood)


condition: good

Solid ET center (56″hx62Lx21″w) good condition and ready for a new home. No longer needed. Call or text thanks

It’s worse than I thought, Sparky is involved! ET Home Call. Thanks, Ralph, and if you need more proof that innovation is dead in Hollywood, review this list.


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