Post 334: Hauntings to Go

In Sparkyville, many of the houses are haunted. Almost every day, someone says they put something down and left the room, but when they came back the thing was gone. Spooky.

Sometimes, it’s the thing itself that is haunted. We encountered haunted dolls, paintings, and hawks in our YouSuckatCraigslist days. Sparky below had the great idea to sell the haunted things and stay in the house. Brilliant.

moving sales must go

hi there , im selling this stuff if you are interested please call us and make us an offer for are stuff

Moving sale must go soon
The couch and love seat in excellent condition $600.00 obo

The dinning room table hutch and China cabinet table and 6 chairs $450.00 obo

$400.00 obo for set without box and mat; $650.00 with box and mat. obo

Here’s the entertainment center that is solid oak asking $500.00 obo

Here’s the solid oak and birch wood bedroom set with head board in a double size box and mat can be sold as a complete set with or without newer box and mat

The last 4 pics please make me an offer or obo

Originally there were 9 photos, but the more haunted things removed their own pictures from the internet. Isn’t that amazing? Either that or the people in the china hutch didn’t want any competition. Thanks, NinjaChow, for pointing out the haunted items. I’ll heat up the brain bleach now.


6 thoughts on “Post 334: Hauntings to Go

  1. Spark’s house is not just haunted, but infested with avarice. $650 for used matress & box spring? Sparky, please.
    Just because you were stupid enough to spend $1250.95 “on sale” does nit mean you can get half that now. Unless all are still in their plastic wrap abd have been in the garage over the old burial ground.

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