Post 336: Rust Bucket List

Project cars can be loads of fun. Picking out all period interior upholstery and exterior paint colors with details, trading for mirrors and engine parts, getting a good deal on a transmission. Woo-hoo!

In Sparkyville, any old vehicle will be up for sale as a good project car. At least there’s more than just the wheels.

79 El camino – $500

Project needs transmission motor runs will need to be towed make an offer

Yeah, Sparky couldn’t get any closer to take pictures because there’s rattle snakes and coyotes down there. Also you have to go up to Los Angeles and get on a specific road to make it back down to that lot. And he hasn’t evicted the squatters yet. Hopefully they are just down-on-their-luck people and not skunks or raccoons.

Can’t you just see yourself driving that baby around on cruise night? Send a picture when you finish it. From my local CL.


5 thoughts on “Post 336: Rust Bucket List

  1. Picture 1 was taken 5 years ago when Sparky’s lawnmower still worked.

    Picture 2 is more recent, after he found out that there is a reason engineers don’t design an El Camino transmission for a lawnmower.

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