Post 349: Can You Dig It?

A tree grows in Sparkyville. Right in the center of this Sparky’s property, apparently. But there’s something about the tree that Sparky just doesn’t like. Is it the fronds that dry up and fall down? Is it the rats and bats that possibly nest in the dried fronds that haven’t fallen down? Or is it that Sparky wants to put in a pool? Continue reading

Post 348: Frozen Assets

This post has nothing to do with: The Bank of England, Euros, Brexit, Russians, Global Warming, or the phenomena that is Enrique Iglesias. No, this is about possibly props from a science fiction movie that failed to happen. Or a benefit from a retirement home that no one really wanted. Or a way to ease the pain of your child’s first goldfish death. Continue reading

Post 345: One Bulb Short of a Landing Party

Many Baby Boomers grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series. The next generation watched, er, The Next Generation. We absorbed many ideas about what the future would hold. We invested in iPads so we could be like Commander Data. We got Virtual Reality head wear so that we could drop in to the holodeck and live out a fantasy. I mean, another, totally different, fantasy.

And this is what all that future dreaming has led to.

Hologen Accent Light Blubs 12Volt Light

I have about 10 Blubs

I could be wrong, but I bet it says halogen right there on that box Sparky so nicely included in the pictures.

post 345 bulbs box

The design of the package has changed some, but I am pretty sure it has always said halogen since someone burned a finger on a hot lamp and tried to sue. Not to mention he failed to say these are free, so if you didn’t notice that they were in the free stuff, you’d be trying to pay him.  Just another case of Sparky being clueless. Thanks, Ralph, I feel smarter all the time.