Post 337: We Gotta Move These

Back in the days when MTV was actually all about music and videos, with Weird Al Yankovic taking over the show on special occasions, the band Dire Straits could be heard on the airwaves daily. Their music was so invasive, that to this day people remember the group’s name at the most inopportune times.

Like when you are trying to sell something on Craigslist.

dyer scape


have old dryer you can have for free

For free? Great! I just have to alienate any friends who have trucks, or rent one, then alienate more friends to get help to move it, and probably have to buy all the friends involved dinner at somewhere you can’t drive through. Why not just give it to a scrap dealer? {ding} Oh. Never mind.

Thanks, Ralph, for today’s cryptogram.


5 thoughts on “Post 337: We Gotta Move These

  1. Yeah, but any excuse to hear Mark Knopfler jam is a good one 😁.
    Even with that Graham dude chiming in in the last chorus about MTV
    (Before it became “empty V”)

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