Post 338: Nothing Left to Lose

The venerable NinjaChow submitted this amazing offer. It won’t last long! Great location, close to schools and shopping. And it’s FREE!

Mid Century Modern Love Seat Pair…FREE

Mid Century Modern …Quality Built Love Seat Set. Extremely comfortable, compact set- great
for small space condo or suite. Fabric in incredible original condition from a non-smoking

5 feet long
3 feet deep
30 inches high

Pick Up Only

No vans, no SUVs. Pick up only. Sheesh, Sparky, why so many strings attached? As NinjaChow pointed out, Now Sparky is using real estate speak to fancy up his crap.

I have to ask, don’t loveseats always come as a pair? As in two seats? Or a set of seats? Sure, the home didn’t smoke, but what about the people who lived there? How much is Canadian Free in USA dollars? And what are they going to do with the matching couch? We may never know. Thanks, NinjaChow, Canada gets better every day!


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