Post 339: Tales from the Oriental

I’m hoping that the Sparky who is responsible for this ad had no clue just how dreadful it is. If he knows the difference between Asian and Oriental and chose not to care, that’s a huge error to me. If he didn’t know and would have cared if he did know, then I can let this one pass.

Hold it! He misspelled Oriental once out of two tries? Off with his heads!

18kt gold small heart with orientales letters – $60

Small heart pendant18kt gold with oriental letters

Sparky Smallheart has no clue and I am not going to give him one. From my local CL.


3 thoughts on “Post 339: Tales from the Oriental

  1. Hmm, if the characters are Sanskrit nases, then “oriental” (eastern) is possibly a better description tban Asian.
    But, that’s possibly to pedantic to argue. But, it would wind up being part of a debate on asian versus Asian as a descriptive.

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