Post 340: Take it Like a Man

Sparky invented the category, Do Work For Me. The theory is that if you advertise something as FREE, someone out there will be sure to clear it off your property. We’ve seen rocks, trees, boats, furniture, and pets offered this way.

This may be the first above-ground pool we’ve seen. With any luck, it will be the last.

aboveground swimming pool

Aboveground swimming pool it free come take it
Call Sam

Sam! You made the pool too wrong. That’s more of a Deadpool than an above-ground pool any longer. Thanks, Ralph, for finding more photos of this thing than even a Canadian would submit.


3 thoughts on “Post 340: Take it Like a Man

  1. This is from NH; our largest minority population (±20%) is French-Canadian heritage. It looks like Henri the lumberjack dropped a tree on this. However, despite all the Henri jokes floating around, removing a pool that is frozen solid is probably going to have to wait for le printemps. Maybe Sparky has a cunning plan?

    [corey: Above-ground pools are common here, since bedrock, shallow water tables, and frost heave can prevent installing an in-ground pool. When kids grow up and the pool is no longer used, it is still an insurance liability (current installations require a 4′ barrier). These things rust, warp, and in general have to be scrapped rather than reused elsewhere, and the market for scrap steel right now is about 4¢/lb., often with a 500 lb. minimum. So Sparky wants someone to spend a day taking this thing apart and then haul it away for maybe $30 – $40 in scrap value? /corey]

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