Post 341: I’m a Spool for You, Baby

Once upon a time, poor college kids and others of high morals and low income started to recycle things to obtain the items they needed most. Cinder blocks and planks became bookshelves. Huge slabs of foam became beds. And spools which had held cables became tables.

Sadly, this Sparky is too late to sell the spool so he generously gives it away for free. If you have a really big car or a truck, that is.

free spools

Free spools in good condition.

53x53x31 and sizes 39x39x24 will not fit in car.

Sparky, is that measurement in inches or feet? Because I don’t know anyone with a truck that big. Maybe OneMovingViolation can make arrangements for us. Thanks, NinjaChow, great unifying ad to show that both Americans and Canadians can make fun of just about anything.


5 thoughts on “Post 341: I’m a Spool for You, Baby

    • Or millimeters, centimeters, liters (using the American spelling here since spell check doesn’t speak Canadian), or kilograms, the options are endless, anything from doll house furniture to holy crap how do I get that in the house.

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  1. Y’know, for people using “reclaimed” materials as furnishing, sure often seem to operate by “midnight requisition” in my experience at least.
    Which from knowing that general contractors working on or near university campuses usually order 50% more concrete block than the job requires, to account for “slippage.”

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  2. From direct experience, spools make kind of lousy tables, as you can’t get a chair under the edge for the “down” flange on the spool being in the way.
    When used as an end ir coffee table, that down flange is as dangerous to toes as two boxes of legos.

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