Post 342: Shadow Dancing

Gosh, if you didn’t already know how old I am, you could guess by all the song titles I use that are so last century! Seriously, Andy Gibb? Sigh.

My objective today is to show you what serial postings can bring to the entertainment world. First we have:

Fill Dirt – Clean

post 342 shadow 1

About 3 cubic yards clean dirt
Pick up anytime
text for address
Easy Curb-side Pick Up
Take a little or take a lot


Then Sparky took his camera to another location and shot this stunning photo.

Free Concrete/Rock Fill

post 342 shadow 2

Construction waste concrete from a patio and some rock walls. About 40 cu-yd worth. Free.

Delivery not available. Pick-up at scheduled time only. You load it yourself and take it away in your own conveyance.

Then once more Sparky zipped back to the first location, used an assumed name, and posted this.

Free Desk and Fire pit

post 342 shadow 3

Only the computer desk and the outdoor fire pit are left.
Both are ready for you to pick up. Text or email me for address.



Rich-Grumpy-Barrett managed to snap a photo of the free desk without getting his shadow involved, so I left it out. But you can see how talented that shadow is! I think if I fill the fire pit with a little fill dirt and edge it with rocks, I’ll have a stunning planter. Found on my Local CL.


3 thoughts on “Post 342: Shadow Dancing

  1. Y’know, 40 yards–that’s 1080 cubic feet–is two regular, ir inw very large (semi tractor) dump truck of conxrete construction rubble. Which is going to want a sizeable front and loader (way larger than a skid steer ‘bobcat’).
    Shadow-spark probably should have been way more specific about “when” to come collect. He nay nor enhoy it when the big dump trock and the tracked loader arrive ar 0500. Not that 1700 would be much improvement, what with the back up sounder going off with every half yard load.

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  2. You’re supposed to be followed by a moon shadow, not follow a sun shadow.
    But if Sparky gets rid of this aggregation, maybe he won’t have to craigslist no more.

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