Post 343: Modern Photography

Today’s post was captured and flown by email across the Pond from Jolly Brexit London. I am particularly impressed with the camera work by British Sparky.

Okay, impressed may be the wrong word. Let me think.

‘Gold & Silver items,’ (great prices.) – £100250 (North Location)


condition: new
make / manufacturer:
Robert & Dore
model name / number:
Silver wear
size / dimensions:

This is my own stuff-the gold & silver is all in boxes (brand new) never been used. Silver wear (dining) Robert & Dore original silver. And a 22carat Queen Elizabeth 80th birthday coin struck to proof in .925 sterling silver (embroidered with a ruby, a sapphire, and diamond, and a certificate of authenticity.) It also comes with a protective case-to preserve the proof state (only 20.000 of these coins have ever been minted.) I have some vintage dolls & Corgi cars too-for anyone who’s interested.

Depressed! That’s the word I meant. Contributor ratwoman says: I’m not entirely sure what any of these wonderful gold and silver objects actually are. Sparky loses points for photographic ability, and thinking you can embroider precious stones on to a coin. A moment’s googling suggests that the Queen’s 80th birthday commemorative crowns were struck in gold or silver, but not both together. Also, wash your hands, please.

Also, the use of quotes around Gold & Silver items tells us to be very cautious. Thanks, rw! You rock!


6 thoughts on “Post 343: Modern Photography

  1. Must be difficult, not having homonid sentinece as one’s primary sapience.

    Honestly, “silver wear” is a necklace. “Silverware” is what one eats with.

    Kitsch washed silver and gold sounds like weregoods to me. Striking things to .925 proof sounds rather alchemist, and not in a full-metal sort of way.
    I suspect it’s all horcruxes.

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  2. 20.000 minty coins would suggest that sometimes, partial coins are minted. 20.499 minty coins would be pretty close to being 20 and 1/2 coins.

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