Post 344: Take Me to the River

Today’s questions, ladies and gentlemen and politicians, is what could have left those stains on this couch and chaise? Your choices are:

A. Incontinent auntie

2. Daycare customers

iii. Sparky lied about no pets

d.  Last year’s St. Pat’s party

IV All of the above

Free sofa with Chaise

post 344 stains

Some stains, 10 years old, no rips or tears. No pets, non-smoker.

Needs to be out by tomorrow night!

As NinjaChow said, I think I’d feel better about this if Sparky had pets, I don’t want to think about where the stains came from.” Good idea. Pencils down. You get an A, and You get an A, and You get an A! Everyone gets an A! Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “Post 344: Take Me to the River

  1. Something about “must go” by tomorrow suggests either more smell than fabreez can cover anymore, or, the spouse is coming home, and “look honey, I got you the new couch you wanted” is the get out if jail card.

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