Post 347: My Eyes are Old and Bent

Spiny Norman’s mum is having a rough time of it. After pushing out the legendary mobster, she retired to a family in Canada. She had a good life, but now that she’s getting old and Medicare discriminates against hedgehogs, she had to find another home.

One that won’t flush her down the toilet if she’s not adopted before the vet bills mount up.

Rehoming our hedgehog – looking for the right family 

Our family would like to re-home “Acorn” – a lovely, middle-aged female hedgehog. If your family likes intriguing animals and are ‘hands-on’ people who like to interact with their pets, Acorn would thrive with you.

Hedgehogs are easy to keep clean (although require daily tidy-up), really regular in their habits and are low maintenance. Acorn eats cat kibbles and uses wheat-based cat litter. We can give you some to get you started.

She has lots of gear, including: a heat lamp with newly purchased bulb, exercise saucer, litter box, carry case, hardcover guide book, 3 feed/water bowls, an exercise pen, spacious enclosed cage, ramp, blankets. We even have her original, smaller cage. Value is well beyond $100 — the fee we’re asking for rehoming her.

Acorn was born in the fall of 2012 so she’s four. We need to find a new home for her last couple years although we think she’s great. Life is getting too busy to give her people-time and opportunity to run about the house. (Our kids used to be home-schooled and at home more!)

Hmm, care of a hedgehog: About 30 minutes per day with a full cleaning of the cage once per week. Maybe if you put down your iPhone for a while, you could take care of this elderly member of the family. NinjaChow shares: “rant/Sparky is just making excuses, hedgehogs don’t require excessive amounts of time to care for. I think Sparky is trying to avoid the vet bills that come with an elderly animal and to give away your companion at Christmas makes it worse/end rant.”

This Sparky definitely goes on the Do Not Let Own other Pets National Registry. Have a good weekend!

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