Post 349: Can You Dig It?

A tree grows in Sparkyville. Right in the center of this Sparky’s property, apparently. But there’s something about the tree that Sparky just doesn’t like. Is it the fronds that dry up and fall down? Is it the rats and bats that possibly nest in the dried fronds that haven’t fallen down? Or is it that Sparky wants to put in a pool?

Maybe all of those things are factors. Sadly, if Sparky is to afford the pool, he has to get someone else to remove the tree for him.

FREE Palm Trees

post 349 tree

Free. you dig up and move.

How can you move a tree that big? Let alone more than one. Well you need this

post 349 transplanting_palm_tree2

Or this

post 349 transplanting_palm_tree6

Or this

post 349 truck

As Ralph suggests, Sparky’s crane is too small or his cranium is too big. Or vice versa. Thanks for the uplifting submission, Ralph.


3 thoughts on “Post 349: Can You Dig It?

  1. ¿Que quanta arboles, aqui?
    Just those two, or the third at the edge of la photographia aja?

    Now, mature Mexican palm trees like that are spendy, worth more than a kwatloo or two. However, the shallow root balls makes digging them up quite the trick.

    At least three of those trees, improperly dug, are toppling into the house. Spark has probably asked what professional removal costs, and is convinced there are wandering shrubbers about who would do the task for the simple joy of it.

    Aii, Spark, tu est mui mal de cabessa.

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