Post 350: Erp!

No, Sparky. Just – no.

I want your meat

Do you have meat sitting in your freezer that you don’t want? I’m looking for good quality, plain (no seasonings) meat that you don’t want. My dog is on a raw food diet and I’m always on the lookout for food for her. It can be a little freezer burnt or something that you just don’t want. We will take any kind of meat except for horse or pig. Particularly interested in wild game – moose, deer, rabbit, turkey, whatever you’ve got, let me know! 🙂

Free or cheap is preferred, but will pay for good quality fresh meat. Willing to pick up or meet you somewhere. Thanks!

Thankfully no photos. NinjaChow and I are organizing a rescue mission for that poor dog. “Okay, I know I spoil my dogs and they have sensitive stomachs but random freezer burnt food from strangers sounds a little sketchy to me even for a dog with a cast iron stomach. If I was Sparky I’d be a little worried about dog haters providing poisoned meat.” Are you in or out? #strangehash #rescuefromsparky


4 thoughts on “Post 350: Erp!

  1. Harold the hunter
    Had spent the season
    Honing his skills
    Refining his aim
    Studying the land and its game.

    His permits paid and taxes, too
    He had taken what he could
    And his larder was full
    Smoked, cured, and frozen too
    His needs met in full.

    But, then came the Hound
    Jabberwok afoot on paws
    An endless hunger
    And ever wanting maw
    The larder, drained.

    So, to CL
    To supplicate
    For, surely, there must be
    Those with excess, beyond their needs
    Surely they would give.

    Poor Harold.

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