Post 362: La Machine

I love the game shows that used to be on during my youth. I especially liked The Liar’s Club, where an item would be shown to the audience, only one person on the celebrity panel would know what it was, the rest had to make up something. The contestant had to guess who was telling the truth. Continue reading

Post 361: A Three Hour Tour

Our very own CapnMac is a sailing man brave and sure. That’s why his submission of Sparky’s boats is so very amusing. Sadly, I don’t think we can fit many more sandboxes into the lounge. Continue reading

Post 357: News from Mom’s Basement

Disclaimer: I know lots of people who cosplay. Cosplay means the person likes to dress up as either a recognizable character from various medias or who portrays their own character from those same books, movies, TV shows, etc. Many of them are very normal people whom I like to hang out with. The rest of them are friends who always have my back. Continue reading