Post 351: Something to Go With Friday’s Steaks

Most young men who want money eventually think about going to a particular type of bank where they are paid for leaving behind fresh materials that they will no miss and that some women will be very happy to receive.

This young man, a Brit, is willing to sell something bigger, something he might potentially need some day, and for a lot more money.

Kidney (Anywere)

Good healthy kidney for sale young fit man age 26 £1million pounds bids start

Serious offers only no time wasters

Seriously, I know things are a bit different across the pond, but punctuation still counts! Ratwoman, I agree he should have hooked up with the cryo-equipment seller last week. Almost a perfect match. I do wish he’d taken a selfie to post with this.


4 thoughts on “Post 351: Something to Go With Friday’s Steaks

  1. “£ 1 million pounds” is rather startling redundant. Roght up thete with “$1 million dollars ” or the utterly egregious “1,000,000$ dollars”. Sigh.

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  2. Hmm, lessee, our erstwhile Dr Evil gets someone to “bid” 47 kwatloo or whatever (£10E6 is about 15E12 $Zimbabwe o_O),
    Just how does he expect the organ to opo out? Drop by the NHS? Nigel and Burt the organ removerists? Dmitri and Yvegni might be disinclibed to waste time on anesthesia (or stoppibg with just the one kidney, or passing up on liver, lungs, heart, pancreas, etc.)

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