Post 355: Film Miroir

A city street on a rainy night after the storm. The camera pulls back then follows a young Sparky down the sidewalk. As he passes an alleyway, a man in a trench coat steps out.

ManInTrenchCoat: Psst!

Sparky: (looks around) Yes? You mean me?

MITC: Of course I mean you. C’mere, I have something to show you.

Sparky: No, I can’t, really. I have to go get my free palm tree before someone else does. (Holds up tiny shovel and pail)

MITC: You can buy a hundred free palm trees with what I have to show you. (eyes shift around, making sure no one is listening) Look at this. (Opens trench coat)


Big heavy miroir
Broken on 2 corners and a bit dirty
35 in – height
47.5 in – length

Sparky: But it’s broken in two places.

MITC: Just the corners, no one looks there.

Sparky: It’s a bit dirty.

MITC: A bit, a bit.

Sparky: (looking around) How much?

Camera pulls away and over the buildings, leaving us to wonder about the price of miroir in Sparkyville. Thanks, NinjaChow, excellent entry.


8 thoughts on “Post 355: Film Miroir

  1. Could this be a Quebecois portmanteau (try saying that three times with a side of poutain) combining noir with mirror?
    No, it’s actually the correct French spelling for “mirror.”
    Dang it.
    German is much more fun Dunklesspeigelschrecht (darkened mirror trash) would suffice nicely.
    Kagami could be fun Kumotta kagami, even kegaretta kagami
    Using Soviet Russian we could formulat neculturny zerkalo
    But no.
    So, I got nuttin

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    • It always intrigued me that while the German for mirror is Spiegel, the German for fried eggs is Spiegeleier. Damned if I can work out how you’re meant to see your face in them. Or maybe I missed the point, like the time I was pondering why a Dachshund is so called when Dach is roof and clearly not the dog’s natural habitat. (I did subsequently find out that Dachs is badger and then the whole dog thing made a lot more sense.)

      I think it’s time for my medication.

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      • Dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, dachs, does not have the same gravitas as badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger.

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