Post 357: News from Mom’s Basement

Disclaimer: I know lots of people who cosplay. Cosplay means the person likes to dress up as either a recognizable character from various medias or who portrays their own character from those same books, movies, TV shows, etc. Many of them are very normal people whom I like to hang out with. The rest of them are friends who always have my back.

So if Sparky is a lonely cosplayer, he would look on Craigslist for his soul mate, right?

Cosplayer relationship.

post 357 lex

body: athletic
height: 6’1″ (185cm)
status: single

Hello. My name is Lex. This may be odd but I am quite the cosplayer and am looking to find a female cosplayer that is not only into cosplaying but who also wants a serious committed relationship. I know what I want and am not here for games.

I cropped the photo of Lex so you can only see his eyes, to protect his innocence.  So I wonder why he doesn’t just go to the nearest convention and hook up with a cute Harley Quinn or Sailor Moon. Also, is he really Lex Luthor? Is this part of some evil plan to take over the world?

Maybe the answer will be in a future ad in My Local Craigslist.


4 thoughts on “Post 357: News from Mom’s Basement

  1. I need way more info Lex. Are you DC or Marvel? Are you into Naruto, Sailor Moon, One Punch Man? What do you think of Studio Ghibli? Do you enjoy mashups or are you a cosplay purist? Are you okay with doing non-matching cosplays or are you just looking for someone to do couples cosplays with you? Do you sew your own stuff, have a friend or relative who sews, buy your stuff or some combination thereof?

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