Post 358: The Best Seat in The Cave

If you have a reason to host a really nice party, make sure you get professionals to do the decorating. You do not want armatures hanging the crepe paper and inflating the balloons. Be sure to hire a reputable company to provide extra chairs and tables.

Do not, under any circumstances, fall for this idea.


Nice addition to your man cave. I think u will get a lot of WTF is it!!! If u paint it it will look cool in the man cave.

Really? You can’t even spell crapper correctly and you want to charge money to get it hauled away? I’ve already got too much WTF here. I’ll pass. As it were.

Thanks, Ralph, for spotting this one.


5 thoughts on “Post 358: The Best Seat in The Cave

  1. Soark has not been to the home store of late. A person could get a new, unused, toilet for $50, and a new-in-box seat for $15. Abd Spark wabts another $10 over that for used construction debris.
    Spark’s head has been too long in the craper . . .

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