Post 359: That’s Just Crate

Old MacSparky had a dog, EIEIO.

And when this dog got bored, he chewed, EIEIO.

A clip, clip here,

and a door, door, there,

Here no clip, there no door, Everywhere a chewed thing,

OldMacSparky sold his dog,

Now he has a crate. Sort of.

Big Plastic Dog Dog Crates 

post 359 crate

Missing door and clips

A dog dog crate is hard to find, but as NinjaChow said, “I think the lack of doors & hinges kinda defeats the idea of a dog crate but what do I know?” You know a good ad when you see one! Thanks for your contributions.


7 thoughts on “Post 359: That’s Just Crate

  1. Spark clearly believes there is a store with unused crate parts.
    Sorry, Spark, no Ikea spares bin for cheap crate parts.
    What you have, Spark is unburied landfill.

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  2. I actually know people who could use this, but they’re wildlife rehabilitators here in NH, 2500 miles away. Their crates often crack or get holes torn in them. The metal parts are sturdier, so there are always extras when the plastic is trashed. Dog crates are not really designed for raccoons, owls, beavers, etc. or for sub-zero temperatures.

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  3. Considering the Not-A-Ninja is part Houdini these crates would probably work just as well as the expensive crate I bought him, he can get out of it before I leave the house. Come to think of it, since I gave up and let the Not-A-Ninja go free range, I guess it is about time to put that on Craig’s list, I wonder if I can find a way to Sparkify my ad.

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