Post 361: A Three Hour Tour

Our very own CapnMac is a sailing man brave and sure. That’s why his submission of Sparky’s boats is so very amusing. Sadly, I don’t think we can fit many more sandboxes into the lounge.

Item One for your perusal:

AS IS – Sailboat for sale, no sails or rudders – $250

length overall (LOA): 15
propulsion type: sail

Older sail boat for sale, as is. Great fixer upper or to use for parts. No sails or rudder. You haul.

Coronado Yachts – Model C-15

Note complete lack of tires, to who ever buys this has to unbolt the wheels and take them down to Discount Tires R Us and guess what size tire is meant to fit.  That’s just to get it to your own backyard where it need all new gel coating–probably about $500-700 after forking over a couple hundred for trailer tires. [headdesk]”

Item Two if you are still with us:

CHEAP 14′ Sailboat with Trailer – $399

condition: fair
length overall (LOA): 14
make / manufacturer: Capri 14.2
propulsion type: sail

CHEAP 14′ Sailboat with Trailer. Needs some TLC and a little refurbishing but great bones. Trailer has two flat tires. This is really CHEAP so it goes to the first person that shows up with $399.

Look, it’s cheap.  It may have missing bits, it also need two new tires–since there’s not much hope the one on the trailer will stay inflated all the wayt to Nebraska Tire Warehouse.  “Has good bones.”  So does a fried chicken–just not much for being an egg-layer at that point.”

And Item Five. Er, Three:

G-Cat 5.0 16′ Catamaran Sailboat – $550

condition: fair
length overall (LOA): 16
make / manufacturer: G-Cat
model name / number: G-Cat 5.0
propulsion type: sail

G-Cat 5.0 Catamaran, great for beach and lake sailing. Very stable and perfect for learners. I bought this catamaran last year with my guy friends so that we could learn to sail on White Rock Lake. It was great because we could launch it off the trailer and learn about sailing with very little upfront cost. We would also sail over to the Arboretum an enjoy their evening concerts for free. Highly recommended.

Specs are here:

It needs a fiberglass patch on one of the pontoons, but is ready to enjoy otherwise. West Systems fiberglass patch kit included.

It’s a sandbox!
Compare first photo with last. Sparky really does not know how to sell stuff.Taking a photo showing that the trailer is missing at least one entire tire and wheel is as poor a selling point as the obvious need for about $500 in fiberglass repair, let alone $250-350 in new gel coating.[heddesk]”

Thanks, Capn! It’s always a pleasure to sail with you through the uncharted isles of Sparkyville.


3 thoughts on “Post 361: A Three Hour Tour

  1. How about a free boat with no sails, mast, centerboard, rudder, fittings, rigging, or trailer? It’s not seaworthy, but “…could be if you know your way around a boat.” Personally, I know my way far around it.

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