Post 362: La Machine

I love the game shows that used to be on during my youth. I especially liked The Liar’s Club, where an item would be shown to the audience, only one person on the celebrity panel would know what it was, the rest had to make up something. The contestant had to guess who was telling the truth.

Sparky wants to sell an item that no longer performs the function which it was bought to perform. At the very least, Sparky should make something up if he or she really wants the thing to go to a good home. Like: A good magnet holder.

Free washing machine 

post 362 machine

it stopped spinning at the end of the cycle, then stopped agitating. I am taking to the dump this weekend. if you want it, it’s yours.
It is located at the end of [Birdie] Harbour rd in West [Location], next to the dumpsters.

Maybe it’s a Canadian thing that I wouldn’t understand. Maybe it’s not polite to trash appliances when they stop working. NinjaChow, our Canadian Expert, says, “It doesn’t wash or spin but otherwise it is in excellent condition.” Thanks, we will take that under advisement. Also, are there so few dumpsters in Canada that you can use them as landmarks? Curiouser and Curiouser.


4 thoughts on “Post 362: La Machine

  1. I see these posted frequently in the “Free” section of craigslist, usually with an appeal for the attention of the type of Sparkii known as “Scrapers.”

    Even for those just scraping by, the 3 – 4¢ per pound that metal recyclers are paying for junk appliances is hardly worth the gas cost for someone to pick them up.

    It’s time to agitate for more extended producer responsibility as is done in many places in Europe and South America, and Japan, where the cost of recycling (often including pickup) is part of the purchase price.

    Where’s the loan arranger when your crap is paid off but you need it taken tada dump, tada dump, tada dump dump dump?

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  2. “it stopped spinning at the end of the cycle”
    Well, isn’t that when it’s supposed to stop spinning?

    “then stopped agitating”
    If it stops spinning when it is supposed to, then why would it be agitating you?

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