Post 363: Fauxget About It

Man In Trenchcoat: Psst!

Sparky: You, again? There is nothing I need so just leave me alone.

MITC: At least look at it. I came all the way down here to Sparkyville just because I thought you might need a good looking bit of wood.

Sparky: I’ll thank you to leave my wood out of this.

MITC: No, no, I mean this kind of wood.

Palm Tree Fake

post 362 fake palm tree

Fake palm tree with lights- not sure if lights work. Metal a bit rusty.

Sparky: That tree certainly looks real. But I don’t know, I would like working lights on my fake palm tree. It’s all the rage in [Ish].

MITC: Tell you what, you take it home, you wipe off some of the rust, you plug it in, and if the lights don’t come on, I’ll give you a full refund.

Sparky: Deal!

Let’s hope Sparky is happy with his fake tree, and more importantly that Mrs. Sparky doesn’t get upset. As Submitter Ralph said, “With fronds like those, who needs anemones? Pining for the Gulf shores?” Thanks, as always, great fake item with lights! Maybe we’ll have to make that a new category.

4 thoughts on “Post 363: Fauxget About It

  1. Note Spark is under detailed on how this is installed.
    Concrete base, hardwired to house? How does it come out–backhoe, excavator, explosives dropped from orbit?
    These ought not be casual questions, unless Three Stooges slapstick is meant to ensue.

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  2. This is also the sort of cruel-to-parrotheads thing that is all too common.

    A whole community of people who are perfectly happy to decorate with palms, tiki, Moai, and the like. Only to find some clown down the street has let the decor rust rather than do the least maintenance upon it.

    Insert Mike Utley solo dirge on steel drums….

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