Post 364: This Doesn’t Suck

You know what? Sometimes, things suck. Sometimes finding the time to do everything and being too tired to do it when you have time sucks. Raising kids who are ungrateful brats sucks. Getting fat when you eat donuts and mac and cheese sucks. Being a wage slave sucks. Being a retired wage slave sucks. Well, okay, not as much as being not retired.

So it’s a relief to find something that doesn’t suck.

Free vacumm cleaner, baby seat, helmet

Free vacumm cleaner, has some sucking issues, can probably be fixed but we were gifted a new one so we don’t need it.

Free baby seat. Toys missing and can use a wash but otherwise in good condition.

Free baby/toddler helmet, pink. Like new.

Email if interested.

NinjaChow submitted this, saying “I don’t want to know the story on the baby seat and helmet.” Well, I am pretty sure they don’t suck, either. My new motto is, I have sucking issues!

Also, I am always spelling it vacumm from now on.


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