Post 365: Bar None

There’s this town called Leachfield. Actually, it’s Litchfield, but that’s only if you go straight there. If you pass through Sparkyville, it’s Leachfield. I don’t know why.

If you are checking things on Craigslist, and you see something for sale in Leachfield, you must be sure you go through Sparkyville to get to it. Otherwise the people in Litchfield won’t know what you are talking about. Trust me on this one.

old mirror about 8 by 4 feet long (Leachfield)

Old mirror from bar nice

Thanks, Ralph. Don’t get me started on bar nice. That was the worst dive in Leachfield. (You thought I was gonna say Bar None, didn’t you? D’Oh!)


6 thoughts on “Post 365: Bar None

  1. The Bar None is a tarantula ranch.
    (Duncan & Mallory The Bar None Ranch)
    You aint seen nothin’ ’til you seen a tarantula stampede.

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  2. Hmm, the brand for Bar None would be read as Bar X if like this: -X-
    Might be Lazy Bar I if this: -/-
    So, probably, it would need to be _NONE_ [an underscore beneath the letters].

    Which suggests tbat Bar Nice would be _NICE_ (esp. as that’s easier than a teapot with a euroslash).

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