Post 366: I’ll Roll My Own

Just like everyone else, I was wondering what people in Palm Springs were giving away free on Craigslist. Surprise! Boats are given away for free! And no wonder. There aren’t any bodies of water except on golf courses and those are hardly big enough for one boat to cross.

Yet Sparky managed to get to Palm Springs and set up a sweet deal. The boat is free. The trailer, not so much.

Free Boat

Free boat. Was passed down by family member, boat was working prior to parking a few years ago. For what I understand Only needs maintenance and some TLC. Selling trailer for $500. Tags not up to date.

Not only is the trailer for sale at more than twice the cost of the boat, you can’t put it on the road because you’ll get pulled over for expired tags! What a rip-off. Never mind, Sparky, I’ll just back up my hatch back, get a hand truck, and scoot that boat away. Let that be a lesson to you.


6 thoughts on “Post 366: I’ll Roll My Own

  1. Sparky is a survivalist, but despite Obama the animals never lined up two by two in Palm Springs, so he was stuck with this 40-year old ark that is leaking oil from the lower unit (“needs maintenance”) and probably has a rotten floor and seats (“some TLC”). Fixing it professionally would cost thousands – for what? I understand.

    That’s more than the boat is worth, so he’s trying to dump it for free instead of paying for disposal (not cheap). The trailer is worth a few hundred dollars, but there is this slight problem of it having a piece of junk on top. The obvious solution: craigslist! Maybe someone needs a yard ornament!

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    • It’s not even good for that unless you remove what is left of the floor and seats before they collapse, plus the hazwaste: the oil-filled motor and lower unit, and the gas tank with whatever gunk is in it. Maybe turn it upside down, cut some holes in it, and call it a chicken coop?

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  2. You probably would not be stopped for expired trailer tags, not with a fresh bill of sale.
    Might get pulled over for dripping oil from the power unit, though.
    Trailer like that, though, only gets $250 brand new, which this one clearly is not.
    Hubs will need greasing, which is a $25 DIY (along with about 6 beers and half a day spent). Mechanic would charge a c note, like as not. Going to lose half a day at the DMV getting new tags, too.
    So, anything over $25 is ridiculously over priced.

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