Post 368: Certainly Drawers a Crowd

Let’s say you have an item you want to get rid of. Go ahead, say it. I’ll wait. Done? So you put the ad on Craigslist. But in Sparkyville, chances are you didn’t include enough information to clue in the other Sparkys as to what you have for them.

This means lots of them will contact you with silly questions like How much is the free item? Is 123 Hill Street really your address? And the ever popular So just the drawers or does the dresser come with them?

Drawers great project 

post 368 drawers

Free for pick up. Fair to salvage. Must make arrangements to pick up

Where’s Chester when you need him? Oh, right, helping his friend Carl C. Couch move. Thanks, NinjaChow, another excellent example of why we don’t live in Sparkyville.


3 thoughts on “Post 368: Certainly Drawers a Crowd

  1. For being an ugly color, the figure of the grain in the veneer is quite nice.
    Too nice, really, so it’s probably laminate or melamine facing.
    Which means taking to the RenFaire as a jousting target would be good salvage.

    The fact that it’s only missing the one drawer pull, but is “free” suggests djre things inside. I’m guessing a mix of clowns and haunted hawks. And rather a lot of soggy particle board.

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